Launched into production with the EAVE workshop in 2006, Tomas Leyers has produced 11 feature films, co-produced more than 12 feature films and several shorts and documentaries since.

With a focus on European art-house cinema, he has got films selected in festivals like Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto. He has participated in workshops like EAVE, EP2C, Biennale Cinema College and Puentes-Australab. He is managing producer of Minds Meet and currently developing new films by directors like Gust Van den Berghe, Caroline Strubbe and Bas Devos. Tomas loves a baked potato and cares about the bees.


Marc joined Minds Meet in 2008. With his keen eye for cinema and his restless search for quality film, he is the perfect match for Minds Meet. Marc is C.O.O of the house and responsible for keeping the oiled machine that is Minds Meet afloat, cranking out quality films like no other.

His endless search for the perfect baked Alaska has brought him to all corners of the world, on his way making movies and a name for himself. He has an insurance policy on his steely blue eyes and he loves bowling (in honor of the Big Lebowski) and Hawaï (in honor of the great Elvis).

Place Saint Lambert / Sint Lambertiusplein 23
1020 Brussels – Belgium