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written and directed by Flo Flamme

produced by Minds Meet

coproduced by Stempel Films

with the support of VAF


Half a century ago, an island in the Carribean got disconnected and missed out on globalization. What supposed to be a revolution of change and progression resulted in drastic boundary. An outside world, dissonant to revolutionary prospects became vaporous, banned from the stage and invisible. An innocent way of self-deception patterned an entire generation. Trapped between the walls of the ocean, the older Cubans’ worldview and ideals mutated inch by inch. Recently a pragmatic gamble of using capitalism to save socialism paid off, but it nevertheless produced a disorientated generation.
In their autumn days the international travel agents send buses full of ambassadors of a never-never land. It triggers their longing for a vanished time and places they have never seen. In Añoranza their dreams take off one last time, unhindered by delays, available seats or traffic jams.

feature film – 16mm – 69 min – 1:1.33  – dolby – color