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written and directed by Gust Van den Berghe

produced by Minds Meet

With the support of VAF, Belgische Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (DGD), Mollywood


One morning, Bafiokadié and his sister Téné leave their village to find their lost blue bird. But they will find much more along the way: they encounter their deceased grandparents; they fight the Soul of the Forest; and they learn from the Chief of Pleasure. At the end of their long journey, the two enter the Kingdom of the Future and meet some yet-to-be born children. Delighted with this discovery, they eventually return home.


  • Cannes film festival 2011
  • Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2011
  • International Film Festival Ghent 2011
  • Chicago International Film Festival 2011

feature film – 2k anamorphic – 83 mm – 1:3 überscope – dolby – color