the Minds Meet Mau Manifesto _

Minds Meet is a self-propelled entity drifting in search of authentic stories and emotions // it is inserting itself as an active force within the projects it chooses to engage and to those that surround it // it tries to withstand the corrosive effect of capital, media, misinterpretation, translation and bad luck by constantly remaining flexible and focused // our work walks the fine line between the purity of invention and the contamination of compromise // it is a strategy that seems impossible // and thus needs a maximum of innocence on the one hand and a willingness to accommodate to almost any input on the other hand // this methodology is without any boundaries // since we strive for excellence in every project we will always be lacking money, assets and time // therefore we develop and produce in a budget minded spirit and a solution driven attitude // as we are well aware of the Result Bias and Texas Sharp Shooter Fallacy no result – good or bad – can ever prize the ego nor blame the person // thus Minds Meet is to blame for every mistake we make // and we are proud of all of them // we deal in the make-believe // and thus the truth is only important in the way it is percept // the production is a pleasure and joy which it must stay _